Mid-Level Software Engineer

College Park, MD

Mid-level Software Engineer

College Park

Graduate Students Encouraged


  • Perform Operations to Research functions of various NOAA modeling enterprise components, and Unified Forecast System (UFS) components to Supercomputer for Satellite Simulations and Data Assimilation Studies (S4) and NOAA Research & Development High Performance Computing System (RDHPCS) as directed, including
    • Global, regional and mesoscale atmospheric models such as GFS, H-WRF, RAP/HRRR, and/or model equivalents with FV3 dynamical core,
    • Data assimilation applications including the GSI in global/regional/mesoscale frameworks,
    • Components of the Unified Forecast System (UFS) as directed, including land, ocean, wave, water, and cryospheric models and related components such as community physics packages or radiative transfer models, etc.
    • Pre- and post-processing applications for models and data assimilation,
    • Scripts, libraries, and other components required to run cycled data assimilation and forecasts, including ensemble systems,
    • Following best-practices for O2R and maintenance in coordination with NOAA/National Center for Environmental Prediction (NCEP) and partners,
    • Troubleshoot and track O2R issues (compiling, run time) and feedback corrective action to NOAA/NCEP or code managers as needed.
  • Provide user support to NOAA and external research and development and user communities on S4 and NOAA RDHPCS, including
    • Ensuring availability and reliability of models and data assimilation systems and required datasets to user and development community,
    • Fulfill developer and user requests for new datasets, such as initial conditions data, model analyses or forecasts, or observational data,
    • Troubleshoot and track user and developer issues running models and data assimilation and provide solutions,
    • Provide support for R2O process including regression or other testing, and software configuration management to merge software updates into master repositories.
  • Implement data management practices on S4 and manage data flows required for model and data assimilation experiments, including conventional and satellite data and initial conditions data.
  • Work on enhancements which benefit the NCEP production suite or components in development and operational environments, as directed.
  • Monitor and report on HPC resource allocation usage.
  • Monitor and report on user requests and issues,
  • Monitor and report on status of models planned or available on HPC resources,
  • Provide support for HPC resource allocation requests to meet funded modeling and data assimilation project HPC needs.