Regional Collaboration Specialist

Silver Spring, MD


Place of Performance: Silver Spring, MD

Government Agency:  National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

Salary based on experience.

The Performance, Risk, and Social Science Office (PRSSO) within NOAA requires contract support for executive level planning, economics, social sciences, and communication to help achieve NOAA’s mission. This effort requires a firm understanding of NOAA’s mission and capabilities. The ability to work effectively with NOAA teams is critical for success.

Minimum Experience:  Minimum of 4 years of substantial and progressive experience demonstrating proficiency in organizing, facilitating, and supporting, geographically dispersed, cross-organizational teams and working groups.

Minimum Education:  Graduate degree from an accredited college or university which provides substantial knowledge in public administration, business administration, social science, environmental science, or related field.    

Functional Responsibility:  Manages and conducts activities and projects to organize, facilitate, and support NOAA’s regional collaboration.