Task Force Ocean Coordinator

Washington, DC

Task Force Ocean Coordinator

Place of Performance: Washington, DC

Period of Performance: Duration of Contract


The Office of Naval Research (ONR) is an Echelon I command within the Department of the

Navy. Its mission is to plan, foster, and encourage scientific research in recognition of its

paramount importance as related to the maintenance of future naval power, and the preservation

of national security. It leads the Navy’s basic, applied, and advanced research to foster transition

from science and technology to higher levels of research, development, test and evaluation.

ONRs Ocean Battlespace and Expeditionary Access Department (Code 32) explores science and

technology in the areas of oceanographic and meteorological observations, modeling and

prediction in the battlespace environment, submarine detection and classification, and mine

warfare. Code 32 has a requirement for administrative, business, and financial support services. 


Requirements: SECRET level clearance and shall have the following background and experience:

·         A master’s degree (Ph.D. preferred) in a scientific discipline related to meteorology or oceanography from an accredited college or university

·         A minimum of fifteen (15) years of experience within the Navy’s meteorology and oceanography enterprise

·         Verifiable experience organizing and implementing large projects within the Navy’s meteorological and oceanographic enterprises